Tips for Picking a Healthy Uromastyx

When purchasing a uromastyx, it is essential to choose a healthy reptile that will enjoy a long and happy life in its new home. Here’s all you need to know about where to buy and how to pick a healthy uromastyx.

Where to Buy Uromastyx

There are several different options for buying a uromastyx may be available depending on where you live.

Independent breeders

Purchasing your uromastyx from a reputable reptile breeder is always the best alternative. Reptile breeders take pride in their lizards and you are guaranteed to get a healthy and robust uromastyx. Reptiles bred in captivity will also do much better in an enclosure than wild-collected ones.

Pet stores

Look for online reptile pet stores with USDA-registered breeders. They are knowledgeable and have a broad experience in caring for uromastyx and other exotic reptiles. Both online pet stores and brick-and-mortar pet retailers will have all the supplies you need to keep your new uromastyx happy and healthy. Uromastyx Canada has an online store where you can purchase all you need to keep your uromastyx happy and healthy.

Reptile shows

Attending a reptile show is the perfect occasion for purchasing a uromastyx. To find a reptile show near you, visit the US Repticon or Canadian Reptile Expo websites, for example, or check your local Facebook groups.

Take your time to look at different species, connect with other uro keepers, and talk to breeders in person. Ask as many questions as possible. Breeders are passionate about their reptiles and will be happy to provide you with information and tips about uromastyx care.

Buying online

Many websites sell uromastyx, and this may be your only option if reptiles are not available locally. However, it is essential to choose a reliable website that is in compliance with any legal requirements in your country. Always check the return and shipping policies, user reviews, and social media. Keep in mind that wild-collected reptiles may have difficulties adapting to captivity and won’t always survive when placed in an enclosure. If you purchase a wild-collected uromastyx – please plan to visit a veterinarian to do a fecal and inspection of your new pet.

What to Look for in Uromastyx

  • Select a healthy-looking, active and alert lizard.
  • A healthy uro has clear and expressive eyes. Watering eyes can be a sign of respiratory infection.
  • If the uro is trembling, shaking, or has deformed bones, it may suffer from metabolic bone disease due to calcium or vitamin D3 deficiency.
  • Look underneath the base of the tail for fat accumulation, which indicates a healthy weight.
  • Make sure the uro has a strong body, thick legs, and that it moves easily. Limping is often a sign of injury.
  • Check for superficial burns that may come from unprotected heat sources or wounds, as they may cause bacterial infections.
  • Uromastyx skin becomes red and patchy when they are exposed to high humidity.
  • Lumps in the skin and joints and sunken eyes are signs of illness.
  • Inflammation around the corners of the mouth, also known as mouth rot, can mean that the uromastyx is being kept in an inappropriately temperature-regulated environment.

Things to Keep in Mind When Buying Uromastyx

  • It is better to opt for a more expensive uromastyx from a reputable breeder than paying less and ending up with an unhealthy pet.
  • If possible, purchase your uromastyx from a reptile breeder rather than a reptile supplier.
  • Watch your new uromastyx closely for the first couple of months to make sure it is not acting in an unusual way or that it doesn’t appear unhealthy. If you have any concerns, take your pet to a veterinarian for a thorough examination.
  • When you purchase a uromastyx online, it will be packaged and shipped in a ventilated box. Expect your pet to be inactive in the beginning—it needs some time to adapt to the new environment.
  • Avoid buying gravid females, particularly wild-caught ones, because they rarely adjust well to captivity. If you would like to have a young uromastyx, it is a better idea to purchase a hatchling.